Our Program

We are continuously developing our program to ensure that we are producing a quality horse that we know we can stand behind. We have been so blessed to learn from professionals in the equine industry and knowledgable friends who have shared their invaluable years of experience with us.

Each horse in our program is hand selected by us, prioritizing soundness, trainability, temperament, and personality. With the goal of teaching our horses multiple disciplines, a good mind is #1. We want our horses to be physically and mentally capable of handling multiple jobs, whether that be performing in the arena, walking relaxed down the trail, or putting in a hard day of ranch work.

Throughout our program, we expose our horses to a multitude of scenarios. Whether it be taking them through obstacle courses, working them on cattle, riding inside and outside the arena, down the trails, or giving them a performance job - we want them to be well-rounded and prepared for success later on. We focus on trust-based training to develop confident, honest horses.

We are very proud of the horses we have to offer and we encourage you to come meet us and the horses in person! If you see a horse that meets your needs, please reach out to us.

13142 N STATE ROUTE 78
Lewistown, IL 61542

Wyatt: 618-535-9966
Carli: 309-357-1954

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